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Ceramic Gage Block
Magnetic Bases
Magnetic Stand
  • Order No. : 2101-60201
  • Magnetic force: 60kgf/130Lbs 80kgf/175Lbs With powerful ON/OFF magnetic base Universal model for indicators Accepts dial test indicatore, digital indicators and normal indicator. Main stem: Ø12 x 176mm, Branch stem: Ø10 x 160mm Weight: 1.4kg
Mini Magnetic Stand
  • Order No.: 2101-61015
  • Magnetic force: 12kgf/25Lbs 1/4" hole for 1/4" stem indicator Circular base: Ø28 x 30mm,
Magnetic Stand NH-HP
  • Order No.: 2101-61065
  • With ON/OFF magnetic base Magnetic force: 30kgf/66Lbs Weight: 0.4kg
Magnetic Stand
  • Order No. 2101-60825
  • Aluminium alloy arm Magnetic force: 80kgf/175Lbs With powerful ON/OFF magnetic base Stem length:370mm. Weight: 1.8kg
Heavy duty Mechanical Universal Magnetic Stand
  • Order No. 2101-60820
  • Features a unique mechanical central lock for arms and swivel positions Super solid model with extra long arm With fine adjustment With powerful ON/OFF magnetic base Magnetic force 100kgf/200Lbs Accepts dial test indicators, digital indicators and normal indicators. Dovetail groove for clamping a dial test indicator Stem length: 470mm. Steel arms Weight: 1.8kg
Magnetic base
  • Order No.:2101-90340
  • With a powerful magnetic force
    Magnetic force 40kgf/88Lbs
    With fine adjustment
    Stem length: 176mm. Steel arms
    Weight: 1.3kg