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Shenzhen International Industrial Measurement & Digital Manufacturing Technology Exhibition

Shenzhen International Industrial Measurement & Digital Manufacturing Technology Exhibition
Flexible production line and intelligent solutions accelerate smart factory transformation; precision grinding, industrial measurement and digital manufacturing technologies rebuilds product quality.
Exhibition Features
Product quality has been a key factor in market competition in various industries. Most enterprises regard quality improvement as the key to success. Therefore, new industrial measurement technology emerges as the requirements. Combination of cutting, grinding and measuring can complete the parts assembly with the highest precision standard. Digital application theme benefits processing sectors by data collection and analysis. On the one hand, digital solutions represented by Wimisoft, IGTech and ISESOL help to shorten the manufacturing cycle time, and improve the control liability of the production process. On the other hand, digital online detection solution which is throughout the product life cycle to schedule the process more reasonably, satisfy customized component manufacturing needs, and provide top industrial measurement methods.

Exhibit Categories
Industrial measurement (coordinate measuring machine, laser tracker, on-machine measurement system, photogrammetry, optical measuring machines,measuring tools ), grinding machine (centerless grinding, cylindrical grinding, internal grinding, plane grinding, parallel grinding, forming mill, etc), tool & cutter grinding machine, sawing machine, drilling machine, deep hole drilling machine, digital solutions, motor, turntable, index head.

Representative Exhibitors
Hexagon, Zeiss, Mitutoyo, Leader、Faro, Serein, NANO, Wekma, T-King, AEH,Lead, Dantsin, Asimeto, API, HikVision, Chotest, Metrol, OGP, QLR, WALE, Mahr, Good Vision, Zhongwang Group, United Grinding, Okamoto, Hotman, Henfux,Walter, Vollmer, Coborn, Hasmag, ANCA, Agathon, Beiping, Chenlong, Rothenberger, Eversing, Kasto, Nanyang Zonjet CNC Technology, Accurate, WIM, wimisoft, IGTech, Isesol, Siemens, DP Technology, Sankyo, TJR, BangBang Robot, DEX, GSA, WOS Precision etc.