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Fowler Virtual Showroom Lunched

Fowler High Precision

Fowler Virtual Showroom - zCAT DCC CMM

Virtual Fowler
We make measurement easy!
Anytime, Anywhere, on Your Time.

The zCAT goes where no CMM has gone before! At only 30 lbs. zCAT is an industry first, bringing automated, precise 2D and 3D measurement anywhere! The zCAT is also easy-to-use and most operators are up and running in no time. Portable? Easy-to-use? That translates into big savings compared to traditional CMM’s! No costly installations or lengthy training programs required!. Read more about zCAT, the world's first truly portable DCC CMM visit our zCAT website, or schedule a live demo by filling out our online form or by phone: (800) 788 2353.
During the live demonstration, our experts will guide you through a comprehensive product demonstration, answer your questions and help to find the application that is tailored to your needs.


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          Fowler Bowers Gagemaster
Vision: Mult-Sensor System

Fowler Fusion
Fusion CMM

Fowler Sylvac Scan
Fowler Sylvac Scan

optical comparators
Optical Comparator

Fowler Trimos Nano
Horizontal Setting and Calibration

Fowler Trimos Height Gage
Height Gage

Fowler Bowers Special Application
Bore Gaging System

Fowler Hand Tools
Data Collation Software

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