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Fowler's Small Bore Measurement Solution

Microgage - Small Bore Measurement


We Make Small Bore Measurement Easy
Using Pin Gages? Ever wonder what the actual bore size is?
STOP Guessing... Start getting the Exact dimension with Variable Data

Fowler Bowers MicroGage

Actual Size!
(Variable Data)

Form Error Detection
(Out of Round & Taper Detection)

1µm Repeatability
(Extremely Accurate)

Microgage with N Grade ring  Microgage with Depth Stop


Reduce Annual
Calibration Cost

Increase Reliability of Inspection Data

Reduce Inspection Time


Microgage Box  Pin Gage - No more

The Fowler Bowers MicroGage 2 point bore gaging system has been designed specifically for the measurement of small bores. Tired of looking for the right pin gage? Need a fast, easy, and accurate solution? The MicroGage system is available to measure bores ranging from 0.037" (1mm) up to 0.400" (10mm). Call today for more information: (800) 788 - 2353

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